Nov. 21, 2021

#EdTech Truth Bombs - HoET190

#EdTech Truth Bombs - HoET190

Leena Marie Saleh aka "the EdTech Guru" Joins the Show!

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Episode Sponsor: Everfi

Everfi has resources to help teachers equip their students with the lifelong skills they'll need after graduation. From financial literacy to mental wellness, these free lessons will help schools be successful whether they are in face-to-face or online learning environments.

#EdTech Recommendation (4:12)

GoBoard - a free online tool that combines video chatting and an interactive canvas. Students can simply create a GoBoard on the site, share the link with a friend and start learning. GoBoard was designed to help students collaborate one-on-one, on virtually any topic. All in browser with nothing to download.

Featured Content (6:58)

Leena Marie Saleh - The EdTech Guru - a former classroom teacher with 10+ years of classroom experience. She has always been extremely passionate about technology and the role it can play in the classroom. Leena believes that providing students with critical skills for our future is both vital and important to provide a more equitable opportunity for ALL learners.

EdTech Truth Bombs

  • Tips for EdTech Coaches
  • Tips for and the value of being connected
  • Leena's YouTube strategy

House of #EdTech VIP (44:12)

Katrina Harris - 4th Grade Teacher | #pencilpusher | Outley Elementary (Houston) | #year7 | Certified in 5 states #HBCU Alumna | #SigmaGammaRho Educator