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82 | The Roastery: Big Publishers &

This week we put big publishers on the burner. Things get a little heated as we let'm have it. Yes, they have their redeeming elements, but big publishers have pushed Will and Josh's buttons one too many times. After the roas...

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82 | The Roastery: Big Publishers &

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November 29, 2022

82 | The Roastery: Big Publishers &

This week we put big publishers on the burner. Things get a little heated as we let'm have it. Yes, they have their redeeming elements, but big publishers have pushed Will and Josh's buttons one too many times. After the roas...

November 22, 2022

81 | Stevie Frank & OneNote

We are excited to share our interview with Stevie Frank for this week's investigation into HiTech. Stevie is a new friend from Twitter who offers up some insights on how she got into her role and how she imagines teaching wil...

November 15, 2022

80 | Tutoring & Readwise

Will and Josh take on tutoring! What's its purpose in education and how do we cultivate it online learning. We think this will be the start of a series. After that, we offer up Readwise : the app for amalgamating all of your ...

November 08, 2022

79 | The Roastery: Large LMSs & Screencast-o-matic

Welcome to The Roastery: a place where we load up a topic and roast it! That's right, the usual niceties are put to the side, and we open up some real opinions on everyday education topics. For the first episode, we tackle a ...

November 01, 2022

78 | Maker Spaces & SteamHead

Let's make it! No, this is not an episode of Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman's " Making It " (though I do recommend watching that). However, we take on the conversation around Maker Spaces and the practice of "making" for educa...

October 25, 2022

77 | Does every lesson need an assessment? & Honorable Mentions

Josh and Will beg the question, "does every lesson need an assessment?" If you're nodding along, excellent, join us. If you're like, "wait, what?", then we hope you'll tune in to hear how this debate plays out. This week, we ...

About the Hosts

William Illingworth Profile Photo

William Illingworth

An educator by heart and practice. I caught the bug for teaching in the martial arts, but I extended that into higher education and non-profit education. Always looking to find the best tools and methods to solve our teaching and learning problems.

Josh Swartz Profile Photo

Josh Swartz

A lover of technology, theology, and learning. I found my love for education early on as a college student. Higher education changed my life and that experience pushes me to always pursue better learning experiences. I am always looking for ways we can harness tech to enhance our teaching and learning.

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