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First Time Listener!

I just finished listening to the episode “11 must have chrome extensions for teachers 2021.” As a first time listener of your podcast, I truly enjoy the content that you present. In this episode specifically, you listed many interesting tech tools which I want to explore further in hopes that they will serve both my students and I in the classroom. In my personal opinion, I did feel as though your explanations of each tool were quite rushed. I found it hard to collect useful information throughout my listening, as I struggled to keep up with each example. In addition to this, I also felt as though the explanations of each tool were rather brief. I would have loved some more insight as to how each tool could be used in the classroom as a benefit students and educators! Despite this, your podcast has provided me with a great place to start when planning to bring technology into my classroom. I have begun researching TECH tools myself in hopes that I can better understand them!

So helpful in this time of Online Learning!

Chris does a great job of helping educators feel calm and confident about educational technology and in this time of distance learning, this is so beneficial!


As a Student teacher who has been displaced due to the current events of COVID-19. Our hours are being made up by doing other activities, one being listening to podcasts. I have found this podcast to be beyond helpful and fun to listen to. I have listened to about 15 podcasts now, and I can not recommend this podcast enough for new educators!! I have recommended this podcast to all of my fellow displaced teachers and they have all loved it just as much as I have!

Always Applicable

House of EdTech consistently offers applicable EdTech tools, tips and tricks.

An edtech standby!

Need an update on what's going on in edtech? Chris Nesi is right there for you. This podcast is always there, like clockwork, with relevant, current info. I've been listening for years and have learned lots! Thanks Chris!

Really Great Stuff

Loved getting all the ideas presented. Great ideas across the classroom areas.

Edtech extraordinaire

This podcast really offers a ton of great resources and ideas for integrating technology. It also offers a positive space to get answers to your biggest integration questions. Easy to listen to and I always learn something new!

For all educators!

This podcast is essential listening for any educator, not just technology coaches! I have gotten so many ideas and tons of inspiration from both the host and guests. I even went back and saved a ton of episodes that I want to listen to! Thanks for the great content and encourage others to tune in :)

Awesome info!

As the Tech Coordinator and teacher at a small private school, I’m well informed to evolving technology in education thanks to Chris Nesi’s podcast that’s full of information and new ideas.

Practical Encouraging EdTech

I have a bit of a drive into school each morning and this is a podcast I love listening to. It gives me new energy to put in my work as an EdTech coach, and gives me new tools I can check out! Sometimes work can make you feel like you lack value, but he helps by making you feel like he’s on your team, helping teachers and students with education in a digital-centered world!

Best episode! It’s not about being “cute”!

Syncing Digital and Physical Learning Environments was an awesome Podcast! I love hearing the real questions and thoughts- it’s not about being cute! Thinking about the learning space in terms of your core verbs makes so much sense. Also love the idea of taking away the “decorations” and really purposefully deciding what the space says to your students - asking them what is helping them learn. Building spaces for creating content and displaying photos of students in authentic learning experiences is awesome! Great episode! Probably my favorite one so far as we are learning about personalized learning and giving student choices in where, what and how they learn, who they work with and what they produce. Can’t wait to check out the articles in the show notes with the research behind flexible learning environments! 🙌🙌🧠💡

A podcast for all educators!

@chrisnesi does a phenomenal job providing teachers with the latest edtech trends in education. Mr. Nesi breaks down the barriers of technology integration in education and provides the listener with a sense of understanding. If you have questions... Chris has you covered. He often continues dialogue outside of the show with his listeners and fellow peers.

Love it!!

After every podcast, I find myself going back and reflecting on what I just heard. Thank you for the honesty and amazing inspiration!


I’m not even an educator, but I love hearing all about the latest advancements in Ed Tech. Nesi is a great host and instantly engaging. A fantastic listen!!

Best Ed Tech PD

Chris has a variety of guests who are in the field using these technologies in their classrooms on a daily basis. He has a variety of educational technology information new matter what subject, area or grade level you teach. Chris is responsive to his guests who call in and gives his all to make his podcast a worthwhile listen for teachers!

EdTech with flare

Thank you Cris for your insights into new tech, interviews with current innovative educators and practical advice for your listeners. I know my students have a better teacher because of the things I learned from this podcast and put into place with them.

Mr. Nesi is Awesome

Chris has his hands in some of the best podcasts in the education sphere, and his flagship show House of #EdTech is no exception. Every episode features an EdTech Tip, a specific tool to try, and usually an interesting interview. Across the board, you get lots of great info every week. Beyond that, as the creator of the EduPodcast Network, I greatly appreciate his support of other podcasters. He helped me find many other great education podcasts to help improve my professional development and PLN. Thanks Mr. Nesi!

PD on the Parkway

Who better to spend my weekly commute with than Chris Nesi. Chris and his #HouseofEdTech fill my mind with thought provoking ideas, great new edtech tips, and teaching strategies from amazing educators from all over our country. Chris and his commentary NEVER disappoint! Thanks Chris for #keepingitreal ✌️

Podcast to Inspire

My trip to work and back is about 39 minutes. I love learning some great tips from Chris including a new app or extension to share with my teachers. Plus he brings topics that are something as District Technologist I need to be on top of in terms of helping my teachers. One of his recent episodes on OER is something I really did not know much about! Thank you CHRIS for making it real!

Podcast Newbie

I'm a podcast newbie. I made it one of my New Years revolutions to begin listening to podcasts for my job this has been by far one of the best that I have found and I've listened to 21 episodes so far! Keep up the great work! Love the show.

Excellent podcast; real, teacher-focused, no BS. Love it.

Mr. Nesi brings it together really well. This podcast is more than teachers talking to teachers. It's more than technologists talking to technologists. It's well organized, follows a great structure, packs a lot in, and is entertaining. Specifically, each episode has practical, teacher-focused interviews with great guests, recommendations for tools and services for teachers, an #EdTech VIP, discount codes, announcements, and show notes posted online. Years ago I taught middle school and now I run an innovation and design agency in California. At work, we decided to ramp up on everything going on in edtech so we can follow our hearts and start working with more education-related clients. This podcast was exactly what we needed. I listened to the first two years back to back. Now I'm plowing through the third year. Keep up the great work, Mr. Nesi!


Mr. Nesi is a phenomenal host! He challenges myself to introduce new concepts to my teaching. This is one of my top listens as an educator.


Chris Nesi does a tremendous job creating content in the #houseofedtech podcast world! His interviews are always relevant and timely for what is happening in the edtech world! Tune in! You are missing out if you don't!

Must listen! Informational and Entertaining

Chris does an awesome job providing applicable ideas and tools to use in the classroom right away. Teachers and leaders can easily implement what is shared on the show. He brings on relevant and knowledgable guests and does a wonderful job editing the show to keep an extremely high production value. Great work, Chris!

Innovative Info for Novice & Experienced Educators

Mr. Nesi does a great job of bringing in speakers and addressing topics that appeal to anyone in tech. He and his guests break down topics so that they are relatable to those new to tech and those who have lots of experience. I always feel so inspired after listening to this podcast! I've shared things I've learned with others - from educators to giving feedback to Google reps!

A gem!!

I found #houseofedtech when I searched for the best education podcasts online. I began listening the week before school started and wished I had started sooner. This podcast is a gem! Chris has diverse guests, plenty of technology talk and is extremely passionate about teaching. You will receive tons of great tips from my favorite segment - tech recommendations - even though the Houseofedtech VIP gets a lot of hoopla. I just finished episode 14 and look forward to the next--I am 2 years behind and I am in serious binge mode. Keep up the great work Chris! Just start listening and you will be thrilled you did! Dawn Rodriguez @drodcme on Twitter

Great inspirational podacast

Chris Nesi does a fantastic job informing us of different edtech tools with practical examples we can use in our classroom. His interviews and three segments inspire and inform in the same podcast. Listening to him has led me to think I can start my own science teaching in South Dakota podcast. Thank you Chris for all the work you put in.

James from Ohio

Chris is a tech lifeline!

Great show for teachers

Christopher provides helpful and informative advice and tips for the best ways to incorporate technology into modern day teaching. The show is well produced and entertaining, too!

5 stars

I listen to this podcast for specific take aways I can use in my classroom that day or the next day. Podcasts in general are sometimes stressful for me because there is allot of "busy talk" and "chit chat". I love how this podcast stays on topic, gets to the point, gets you information quick, and gives specific ideas. Love it!