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Thank you!

Such a helpful podcast! Thank you, Jessica, for the encouragement. You offer practical ideas and reassurance that we can do this.

Awesome podcast!

Thank you Jessica so much for creating this awesome podcast! Love to listen to all the inspiring stories in your podcast!

Thank you, Jessica!

I’ve been listening to your podcast for 3 years and am so thankful for the time, energy, expertise you share with us music teachers and love learning from all your incredible guests, too! Tuning in has certainly got me through some dark days in the elementary music room and given me (and so many of us!!!) tons of inspiration. I so appreciate all you do for the elementary music teacher community!🙏🏽❤️🎶 Thank you!✨

Fantastic Content

Jessica’s podcast is fantastic! I just finished my first year of teaching elementary music and so many of the topics spoke directly to questions I have had. Tons of interesting and informative content!

So helpful for this music teacher

I’ve only recently started listening to Podcasts during my morning drives into work to teach my 700+PK-5 music students. This has been so helpful especially during Covid. Also love the guests & having the difficult talks that need to be addressed 💜

Great content!

Jessica’s podcast is for real world music educators. She is practical and candid. I love that I always have a takeaway from each episode. We are in the same stage of life and she knows what it is like to juggle all our roles. It was my pleasure to be a guest on her show!

Wonderful podcast!

I had incredible time recording (and listening to!) this podcast from Jessica. Truthfully, I’m about to head back and listen to her previous episodes! These are must listens for music educators.

Favorite podcast!

Every time I tune into this podcast, I learn so much from Jessica and her guests. She’s so real and authentic and it feels like I’m having coffee with her and the guests while I’m tuning in. ❤️

Important Conversations

Thank you, Jessica, for having the important conversations with your guests and with your listeners. I have learned so much from you as a music educator and love listening to the podcast!

So timely

Jessica’s podcast is so pertinent. Her information for all teachers is so timely whether your are a new teacher or a veteran. Let’s face it- teaching in the time of Corona we are all year one teachers again if you are in the classroom you r if you are teaching face to face. Her podcast is one of m favorites and I speak as a teacher with over 30 years experience.

Great podcast

These podcasts with Jessica are so wonderful. They give inspiration on things you may not have thought of, and Jessica tries to always help you see the positives in your teaching situations.

Great for music teachers!

Music teachers often feel on their own in the schools. This podcasts brings music teachers together and is such an encouragement!

It's wonderful!

Jessica covers a variety of topics on her podcast to help elementary music teachers. Her experience as both a music teacher and a parent contribute to the success she brings to her listeners.

Highly recommend!

Jessica is an inspiration! I wish I had discovered this podcast sooner when I was just starting out to be a music teacher. Her interviews are entertaining and I love how raw and honest she is. Take a listen!


Such a great podcast. I try to catch an episode as much as I can and also re-listen to a few to keep me motivated.

Your New Teacher BFF

I feel like I’m learning from my music teacher BFF when I listen to this podcast. Jessica has great advice, always presented in an approachable way. She brings in fantastic guests too. If you haven’t already subscribed, you’re missing out!!

Like professional development from a good friend

This podcast is incredibly helpful! Jessica shares great teaching tips in such a relatable way. As a music teacher, it’s easy to feel like you’re on your own, but each week Jessica’s podcast brings support and community. The variety of topics and excellent guests she speaks with will have you feeling like you’re receiving PD from a good friend.

A true gem for music teachers

Jessica came to my attention when I needed it the most. Her advice is unmatched and she is constantly seeking out guests to share with her audience!

Great podcast

Entertaining and informative, worth the listen!

Love Her Heart For Teachers

I love Jessica's heart for teachers. She is incredibly approachable and seeks to provide her listeners with a variety of topics and resources.

Your new mentor best friend

Jessica is knowledgeable and so relatable. She uses her experience as a teacher and mentor to share invaluable wisdom for ANY type of music teacher, not just elementary teachers!

Such a variety!

I love this podcast because of the variety of topics that are relevant to an elementary music teacher. Jessica is so knowledgeable and aware of the issues we music teachers are facing everyday from instruction to relationships and everything in between. I highly recommend this podcast to any elementary music teacher!

Like NAfME conference, but all year!

Music education is a in rapidly changing field, and there’s nothing we teachers need more than a supportive community. Jessica Peresta’s Elementary Music Teacher podcast connects music teachers and support professionals and is a GREAT way to stay connected and keep up with what’s new! Jessica is a superb interviewer and great at finding unique and helpful guests!


You can tell how passionate Jessica is about empowering music teachers just by listening to a few SECONDS of this podcast! She provides actionable advice on how to stress less as a music educator!

Wonderful podcast for music educators

Jessica is passionate about helping music educators learn and grow. I love her friendly and warm approach. So many great episodes covering a lot of areas! ❤️❤️

Learning on the Go!

Hooray for elementary music teacher podcasts! I’m thankful for this podcast because Jessica is down-to-earth and gives wonderful examples about how to implement ideas in the classroom. Episodes that contain conversations with guests are always so helpful because I feel like I’m a part of the conversation too. Glad to have another podcast to add to my list so that I can learn while I commute!

So helpful!

This podcast is so helpful to any elementary music teacher looking for PD on the go!

Fantastic resource.

This podcast is a fantastic resource for music educators. Jessica is an outstanding, knowledgeable, warm, welcoming host who knows her stuff. I highly recommend this podcast to any music teacher or musician alike!

Great Recource!

This podcast is AMAZING! Thank you Jessica for this Podcast. This podcast really helped me out during my first year as a music teacher. This is a must for ANY music teacher!

So much gold

This podcast is full of amazing advice for music teachers, whether they teach elementary music or not. Do yourself a favor and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!