Are you an elementary music teacher? Maybe you’re worn out, overwhelmed, or feel like it gets harder each year. Hi, I’m Jessica, and it’s my passion to help elementary music teachers, just like you, figure out your unique teaching style. In this podcast, I'll share helpful tips and strategies, work-home life balance tips, and mindset blocks, while helping give you the motivation you need to gain momentum in your teaching so you can continue being the music teacher rock star you already are. Come and join the Facebook community at www.facebook.com/groups/elementarymusicteachercommunity.

About the Host

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Jessica Peresta

Jessica Peresta graduated with her Bachelor of Music Education in 2004 and earned the top music educator award. She went on to build a music program from scratch at an elementary school in Tulsa, OK, earning the Teacher of the Year and Teacher of Today awards during her second year of teaching. Jessica has used her expertise to found The Domestic Musician, LLC where she mentors and supports elementary music teachers through her HARMONY membership site, The Elementary Music Teacher podcast, and her blog. Jessica is also the author of "Make A Note: What You Really Need To Know About Teaching Elementary Music”.

On the side, Jessica does curriculum and education contract work for various states and companies, coaches music teachers and edupreneurs, and is receiving her Masters's in Educational Technology from The University of Arkansas.

In her personal life, Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband, her 3 sons, and her 3 dogs.