Feb. 8, 2023

229- Building a Strong Music Program in the First 5 Years with Adrian Gordon

229- Building a Strong Music Program in the First 5 Years with Adrian Gordon

In your first 5 years of teaching, it's important to set yourself up for success. While it's important to build a strong music program, it's also important to focus on your why, your who, and your what. When you do this, you'll center everything else around these three questions. Along with planning and teaching, taking care of yourself, setting boundaries from early on, and prioritizing your life outside of school are things to consider from the get go. In this episode, Adrian Gordon and I talk about all of this and how setting yourself up for success in the first 5 years will carry on into the next 5 years.

Adrian currently serves as the Director of Orchestras at Providence Day School in Charlotte, NC. He believes in the power of music education in a child’s life and understands the necessity of having passionate, confident, and supported music teachers at the helm, promoting great musical experiences for students. 

Find out more about Adrian and connect with him here:

  1. His website: www.adriangordonmusic.com
  2. On Facebook @adriangordonmusic 
  3. On Instagram @apgordonmusic
  4. On Twitter @apgordonmusic
  5. On Youtube @leapyearmusiconline 

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