March 23, 2022

195- Mental Health in Life and Teaching with Lauren Marcinkowski

195- Mental Health in Life and Teaching with Lauren Marcinkowski

This episode goes deep into mental health in both your teaching and home life. Mental health isn't something to take lightly, and through Lauren's story, our goal is that you know you're not alone and are able to take the steps to get the help you need. 

Throughout our conversation, we discuss:

  • Why it's important to treat yourself like a best friend or a child
  • The longest relationship you have in life is with yourself
  • Living your life for you and not for others
  • Putting your needs at the forefront before it's too late

Lauren Marcinkowski (she/her) is a music therapist, educator, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend--and now former teacher. Her passions are around creating empathy for all students and people through promoting self-awareness and understanding of ourselves so that we can more fully accept others in our lives. Lauren is also passionate about mental health and advocating for this. Lauren is currently at home now with her 1 year old son, Jace, and is working on her website, "The Empathetic" She enjoys spending free time exercising, reading, playing with Jace and her husband and exploring the libraries in their county.

Connect with Lauren here:

On her website

On Instagram @theempatheticteacher and @theempatheticmom

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