April 12, 2022

50 | Talk Time & Adobe Rush

50 | Talk Time & Adobe Rush

*celebrate* :clapping:

Let's go! We are so excited for this episode. Seriously, 50 episodes is no small feat! More importantly, we've joined the Education Podcast Network. The EPN will help us broaden our audience and connect us with other educators, thinkers, and talkers just like us. We hope that you check out the other podcasts on the network and share the love on Twitter.

Now, back to the episode: we talk about Talk Time. This is near and dear to Will's heart, but we all know that this will be practical for all. How much do you talk in class? How much do your students talk in class? What is the value in either? Consider these questions with us and then dive into how Adobe Rush can support your classroom experience with rich and easy-to-create media. For more information on these tools and our conversation, check out the episode page here.

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