Jan. 15, 2022

Marking 13 Years of Teaching - FAAF55

Marking 13 Years of Teaching - FAAF55

Welcome to FreshAirAtFive (FAAF) Podcast - Episode 55

In this episode, I share my daily reflection posted on Twitter @bryoncar, from Jan 10-14, 2022

I reflect on these podcast episode from my listens on the:

10th:  Sons of Technology E76 "Recruitment, Retention, & Retirement in the Pandemic"

11th:  MindsetMonday S2E2 on the Innovator's Mindset Podcast "Start Slow, End Strong"; Easy EdTech Podcast E145 "How EdTech Connects to Climate Change Education with Dr. Jennifer Williams"; Teachers on Fire E213 "The OVERLOOKED SKILL That No One Is Talking About in Education"

12th:  It was really raining, no walk

13th:  Educational DuctTape E70 "Stephanie Howell - Student Choice Activities in Google Slides + Design Tips"; Reflecting on my 13 years of teaching as of Yesterday; Feeling BLAH Today; EduMagic Podcast E162 "Student Teacher Bag Essentials"; Shuke & Giff S5E8 "Will & Giff"

14th:  The Chey & Pav Show E103 "One Word 2022: Responsive"; The Lasting Learning Podcast E201 "An Educational MINDfield episode- Final thoughts"

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