Welcome to FreshAirAtFive the Podcast. I’m your host, Bryon Carpenter. FreshAirAtFive is my regular attempt to exercise by walking about my neighborhood, to take in Podcast content or an audio book, then reflect in an unedited video which I finally post it to my Twitter Chanel. This podcast will be a regular collection of the audio from these selfie-videos as a collection of about a week or so of these daily videos. Thank you for stopping by to take a listen. A part of the Education Podcast Network (Twitter: @edupodnet) A part of VoiceEd Radio Podcast Network (voiced.ca/podcasts/)

About the Host

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Bryon Carpenter

Bryon Carpenter is a teacher in Abbotsford BC Canada. He teaches media design, math, and chemistry. Bryon enjoys flyfishing, hiking, eating, and spending time with his family. His former life as a research scientist at a pharmaceutical company informs his teaching practice as education, like science, is ever-evolving and changing. Bryon says “ Technology is merely a tool, when wielded appropriately, can enhance this human endeavor we call education”

FreshAirAtFive is a podcast about the reflections of Bryon Carpenter as he listens to podcasts on his morning walks, then reflects on those podcasts that he listens to. It’s a way that he can connect with the podcast host and share his reflections with you and the world.