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An invaluable resource

I’m ten years into a career teaching high school English, and wish these podcasts had been available to me back then. The authenticity and insights and questions are SO profound.

Inspiring, motivating, and full of amazing strategies for beginning teachers?

As a beginning teacher, I stumbled upon this podcast and FELL IN LOVE! I listen to this on my ride to school and it motivates me to start my day with all my kiddos! It’s truly a podcast full of encouragement for young teachers who are nervous to start in the field or are looking for strategies and tips for their practice. Sam and her guest speakers look past just simply academics in the classroom, but really focus in on the social emotional needs of students. I have learned and implemented so many skills from this podcast! Not only does this podcast focus in on the guidance for students, but it digs deep into the self-care portion for teachers. This podcast seriously puts a smile on my face when I walk into my classroom each day. Totally worth the listen!!

Fantastic for New Teachers

This podcast is a wealth of knowledge, encouragement, and practical tips for new teachers. This is exactly what I needed when I was a new teacher!!

Podcast for All Teachers

Edumagic shares gold nuggets for preservice and new teachers, but as a veteran teacher I find value in everything that is shared. Teaching has changed since I first started so it’s GREAT to hear a fresh take and new ideas! Thank you!

Essential for Preservice Teachers!

If you are a preservice teacher this podcast is essential! Dr. Sam has excellent tips to help you make the most of this time before having your own classroom. From interview tips, to student teaching 101, and pep talks this podcast always has entertaining and relevant information for preservice teachers. I look forward to hearing more episodes!

Incredibly helpful!

I love this podcast. I always find something useful in every single episode. Dr. Sam is so excited and hands on with preservice teachers! I suggest following her on Twitter as well bc she is always promoting great conversation. If you are a new or preservice teacher, this podcast is a fantastic option!

So encouraging

I love listening to this podcast even though this is year #2 in the classroom for me. I’m always taking away great advice, feeling encouraged, and most importantly to me, feeling connected. Teaching can feel really isolating at times but this helps so much.

Passion for Education

Love listening to Dr. Fecich and her guests as they share their passion for all things education. Inspiring and encouraging with great advice all along the way, this podcast is a great resource!!

“You are not alone!”

This podcast pairs useful insight with confidence building respect for new and aspiring teachers. Dr. Sam Fecich sheds light on topics that are pertinent for both students and newbies, sending a message of “you are not alone” to anyone who has felt the vulnerability of entering the field of education. Thank you, Dr. Fecich, for valuing new teachers and investing in the future of education!