Education Podcast Network


We are a podcast network that encourages you to think about your profession and succeed in the world of education. Whether you are a first-year educator or a seasoned veteran there is a podcast for you.

All of our shows are produced by educators who want to shape education through meaningful discussion and content.

In the Spring/Summer of 2015, Christopher J. Nesi founded Education Podcasting Network with the simple idea to bring together great podcasts for educators in one place.

Joined by unique individuals that make up the EPN family; you can check out the wide range of shows on or the individual podcast websites.

Listeners can download/subscribe to their favorite shows through a number of apps or sites including Apple Podcasts and

The passionate hosts of the EPN family are made up of a wide variety of teachers, administrators, and educators who are dedicated to bringing you the best in education-related content. The Education Podcast Network covers everything from current events in education, technology, and best practices to the latest editorials and more on a regular basis in high quality.

There is something for every listener!