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Great Podcast

I really enjoy listening to this Podcast. Anne, Sharon and Jenn do an amazing job in discussing teaching from all different angles. In a recent episode, the Pros and Cons of student teaching were discussed. I taught at the Elementary Level for 17 years and the Junior High level for 21 years before retiring in 2019. If there is a couple of things I’ve learned for success, is that Classroom Management is the key for success. If you have consistent management skills, then the students will respond much better to your lessons, and to you. A consistent routine is important. I learned to relate to each and everyone of my students, tried to make a positive connection with them while being sympathetic to their needs. As the new teachers come in, I hope that they can provide new and exciting experiences for their students. Thanks you to Anne, Jenn and Sharon for putting out ll this information.

Informative and entertaining and RIGHT ON!

I love listening to this podcast with Anne, Sharon, and Jenn! I listen and find myself laughing and learning and agreeing each episode. Even though we are hundreds of miles apart I feel like I’m at lunch with them again :) Thank you ladies for your insightful podcast!

Oh the joys of teaching

Listening to these teachers is a joy! I always laugh and I love their different perspectives.

Great!! Even for non-teachers

This is a great podcast not only for new and current teachers but even for non-teachers like me who are interested in what’s happening in the education world. Very informative and funny with lots of good stories of their experiences teaching. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about the education world.

Awesome Podcast

Been listening to your podcast when I go for my morning walks. Pretty good and very entertaining. All 3 hosts have personalities that compliment each other that make the show very entertaining. Great concept and full of things that not everyone is aware of because they are not in the teachers shoes. I also enjoy how you discuss the current news that affect education. As a recently retired teacher, I am aware of the demands that teachers face on a daily basis and I appreciate how you share your knowledge and experiences. You gals are doing a great job!

Support our teachers

This podcast was very enlightening off-the-bat, look forward to hearing more!

So insightful!

As a person who is not a teacher this really helped me understand a perspective we don’t often get to hear about. Thank you!!

Great Inside Info!

I’m just out of a teaching program, and this podcast presents a perspective sorely missing in teacher prep! I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you (like me) are just starting out and feel a little disconnected from the education world.

Good Listen

Great Podcast! It’s very informative! Love the fact that the teachers are keeping it real. Also, sharing with us their experiences with the issues at hand.

Awesome Podcast for all Educators!!

Love this podcast!! These incredible teachers keep it honest, real and funny!! Wonderful necessary topics!! Great listen for all educators!!

Love it!!!

My fave podcast! They are hilarious and informative. Every teacher and educator can relate. They keep it real!! Great topics! I always look forward to their new episodes!

Stuff People Need to Hear

I hope more people listen to this so that they are aware how hard teaching is. I can’t wait to hear what else these three will talk about. Maybe what parents can do to help kids stay on track??