Oct. 10, 2018

The Human Element in Edcuation - PPD037

The Human Element in Edcuation - PPD037


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The Human Element

  • The human element – what is it?
  • the interaction between a human and any other human
  • The importance of meeting the needs of people
  • Needs of Students?
  • Needs of Teachers?
  • Needs of Admin?
  • Effective communication
  • the exchange of ideas, information, and knowledge between individuals
  • the recognition, interpretation and correct reaction to people, incidents or situations, which are open to misunderstanding
  • The effects of technology
  • Training
  • Communication

What We’re Listening To

  • AJ: Suggestion by Stacey – Wow In the World and Highlights Hangout
  • Chris: Go out and review a podcast you enjoy listening to! Email the hosts of some of your favorite podcasts and let them know you appreciate the time and energy they put into the content you find value in.
  • Stacey: Listening to books (all the time), Katie Couric

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