Jan. 7, 2023

It's now 2023 - FAAF 104

It's now 2023 - FAAF 104
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In this 104th episode, I share my daily reflection posted on Twitter @bryoncar, from Jan 2nd to 6th, 2023

I reflect on these podcast episodes from my listens on the:

2nd:  Seeing To Lead "Care Enough to Take Action"; DEFINE YOUniveristy Podcast E101 'Falling in Love with Your Future Self!"

3rd:  Teaching Champions Podcast "Seeing the Every Day Gifts, Atomic Interactions, and Relationships with Livia Chan"; Prairie Rose Possibilities E3.13 "3.13 - Senator Gershaw Farms/Greenhouse"

4th:  Got TechEd E128 "4 Lesson Activities for Teachers to Try in 2023"

6th:  Shukes And Giff S6E2 "Captions on or Off?"; The EdTech News Brief E16 "ChatGPT, AI, and the Implications for Education"; My OneWord2023 "Forth"


Track: Know Myself - Patrick Patrikios ( NoCopyrightMusic ) | My Audio Library | Background Music

Bumper: Transparency in Teach (stuff) - Anne Kartun

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