Nov. 6, 2021

Happiness, Joy and Passion - FAAF44

Happiness, Joy and Passion - FAAF44

Welcome to FreshAirAtFive (FAAF) Podcast - Episode 44

In this episode, I share my daily reflection posted on Twitter @bryoncar, from Nov 1-5, 2021

I reflect on these podcast episode from my listens on the:

1st:  Neuroscience Meets Social Emotional Learning E175 "Brain Fact Friday on ”The Neuroscience of High Performance: Improving Focus and Clarity”"; Shukes And Giff S5E4 "Covington & Giff"

2nd:  #MindSetMonday E5 Innovator's Mindset Podcast "Find What You Love Personally and Professionally"; Prairie Rose Possibilities 1.12 "Academy of the Fine Arts"; Overthrowing Education E60 "Zaynab Baalbaki: Creating Transformative Schools"

3rd:  Check This Out Podcast E142 "Making YOU Relevant Again"; Prairie Rose Possibilities 1.12 "Jenner - Outdoor/Skills"

4th:  Just a Teacher E40 "Prescribing Happiness with Dr Gihan Jayaweera"; The Staffroom Podcast E98 "Embedding Identity Work in Our Teaching"; Ingite @EdTech_Podcast E71 "Christine Pinto and Jessica Twomey"

5th:  The Tom Schimmer Show E48 "EduDivisiveness | Doug Reeves (Pt. 2) | Assessment Relevance"; Prairie Rose Possibilities 1.15 "Seven Persons School - Outward Bound"

Next Episode: Nov 12thth at midnight - stay tuned.

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