Jan. 30, 2021

BradNewsVirtual to SonsOfTech - FAAF 4

BradNewsVirtual to SonsOfTech - FAAF 4

Welcome to FreshAirAtFive Podcast - Episode 4
I’m your host, Bryon Carpenter

In this episode, I share my daily reflection posted on Twitter @bryoncar, from Jan 18th to 22nd, 2021

I reflect on:
18th - Good News Brad News "News Brief" E3; StaffRoom Podcast "Screens On or Screens off?" E68
19th - Educational DuctTape "Bonus: TOF - EdTech Podcasters ShoutOut the Best Learning Tools of 2020" E52; GotTechEd "12 EdTech Phone Apps & Web-based Tools" E76
20th - Science360 "Hydrocarbons to Carbohydrates: The Big Switch"  and Tim's Analysis
21st - ReflectEd Podcast "Engaging Students in Critical Thinking with Chris Nesi" E7; Teachers On Fire "Building a new Wellness Habit: The 10,000 Push-Up Challenge" E181
22nd - Sons of Technology "#TechRodeo 2021 with SOT" E54

23rd - beyond Friday StaffRoom Podcast "Do We Need to Address Current Events?" E70

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FreshAirAtFive is my regular attempt to exercise by walking about my neighborhood, to take in Podcast content and audiobooks, then reflect in a selfie-video which I post to my Twitter Chanel. This podcast will be the compilation of the audio from these selfie-videos over the course of a week or so.  Thank you for stopping by to take a listen. You can follow the Pod on Twitter @FreshAirAtFive or check out my website (bryoncarpenter.com) for other content I have created and collected.

As my OneWord for 2021 is APPRECIATE, I appreciate you giving this my first-attempt-in-learning to create a podcast experience a listen.  Subscribe so you don’t miss any upcoming episodes and please give me a review on Apple Podcast to get my voice out there further.

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