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Passion for educating kids!

Genuine, sincere and plugged in to education and improving the lives of kids, Andrew offers great insights that you can put to practice immediately. Rock on!

Worth a Listen

As a principal myself, I find many nuggets of wisdom through this podcast. His energy and passion take center stage as he interviews a wide array of guests. Quality show with excellent takeaways for anyone in a leadership position.


Every week I learn something new listening to this podcast Between the great guests and the though provoking intro’s, this has become a must listen. If you want to become a better leader you must listen.

Great Principal and a great man

I was fortunate to have met Andrew 2-3 years ago when he interviewed me. We have been friends ever since. This man is an inspiration. The podcast is just a very small glimpse into who he is and the mission he is on. Keep it up the good work! Fan for life.

Positive message and listening

Have really been impressed by Andrew's commitment and efforts. His kind words and discpline are inspirational.

Wish I had a principal like Andrew Marotta when I was in school!

Fell in love with Mr. Marota's podcast after I had him as a guest on my ADHD podcast, Faster Than Normal. Mr. Marotta's straight forward interview style and varied guests make this a great listen, whether you're in education or not. (I'm not.) There are always valuable "life" takeaways from each episode. Full disclosure, I've been a guest on Mr. Marotta's podcast, but egardless, I consider his show a "must-subscribe." Tons and tons of value here.