March 11, 2023

Kat: Meet Them Where They Are

Kat: Meet Them Where They Are

Meet Them Where They Are: Today, Kat joins the podcast… Kat is a dynamic, energetic personality, with a background in both history and psychology. She’s now in graduate school seeking a degree in school counseling, but when Kat and I met, she was a ninth grader in my social studies class. That is right. This makes Kat a landmark guest for me, because she was my student nine years ago during my student teaching experience. And as a ninth grader, she made me laugh, and brought such energy to the classroom.. I knew it would be awesome to talk to her again. I also knew that, with her graduate experience, she would make an excellent guest to expand the conversation we had with Ray from episode five, “What students need”

And with that said, welcome back to Speaking with Students...

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