April 20, 2023

Greg: Here's Greg with the Weather

Greg: Here's Greg with the Weather

"When you come across a weatherman in white sneakers, be kind."

Out in Colorado, surrounded by mountain views, is one of the country's fastest growing cities. And if you ever find yourself in Denver, either permanently or for a brief retreat, you may turn on the news to catch an overview of the day’s weather, and if you were to do that you may hear a phrase that has echoed from east coast to west… “now here’s Greg with the weather.” 

Today, Greg joins the podcast… Greg turned an early interest in Meteorology into an exciting role as a meteorologist and weatherman for NBC Denver… I am eager to hear about Greg’s academic journey, and ask him about the lessons that stood out along the way.

You can follow Greg's meteorology work @9NewsDenver and you can follow weatherman, Greg Perez @GregPerezwx. You won't be disappointed!

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