Feb. 25, 2019

(Simulcast) Transformative Principal with Jethro Jones

(Simulcast) Transformative Principal with Jethro Jones
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In this episode, the Reimagine Schools Podcast joins forces with Jethro Jones, the founder/host of the popular Transformative Principal Podcast, to launch our very first simulcast. Named as a 2017 National Digital Principal of the Year, Jethro Jones is currently leading the design process to launch a new K-12 Magnet School within his school district located in Fairbanks, Alaska, and shares his vision for redesigning schools from the "inside-out."  Among the topics discussed in this simulcast are disrupting the status quo, personalized learning, and how technology (and going paperless) can elevate classroom teaching and create more productive workflows for school leadership teams.  Twitter: @jethrojones. Websites: www.transformativeprincipal.org.

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About Dr. Greg Goins

As the Founder/Host of the Reimagine Schools Podcast, Dr. Greg Goins has emerged as one of the nation's leading voices on visionary leadership and the path to transforming our schools. He currently serves as the Director of the Educational Leadership Program at Georgetown College (KY) and previously spent 15 years as a school district superintendent in Illinois. Dr. Goins is a passionate keynote speaker and is available to speak at your next education conference or school PD day. To book Dr. Goins, please send inquiries to drgreggoins@gmail.com. 

Twitter: @DrGregGoins. Website: www.reimagineschools.net. 

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