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Fantastic guests with novel insights

There are a lot of education podcasts that don’t quite get to the practical tactics of changing school culture and becoming a better leader. This POD delivers the goods. Some of the latest thoughts from real thought leaders in the field. Love it!

I looked high and low.

I had looked all over for a podcast that I could apply to my school. As a high school principal in a small district where P-12 is all under one roof I wanted to find something that I felt applied to me. Reimagine schools is just that. I think this POD cast apples to all schools. It is the best POD cast I have found to help me grow as an administrator.

Excellence in Education

As an elementary school principal, I’m always looking for ways to improve my leadership skills so that I can make the school a better place for all. I consider this podcast a wonderful resource to learn and grow in my leadership.

Love this podcast

The silver lining to the covid pandemic IS not just reimagining schools but recreating them so they meet the needs of students and families. Dr. Greg and his speakers are showing us the way. A must listen not just for educators but for communities.

Great Content

The content is great! My only criticism is that the theme music is SO MUCH LOUDER than the interviews that it’s actually painful to my hears. I hope they adjust that!

Too Notch

Always appreciate Dr. Goins work. I’ve been introduced to educational thought leaders from a variety of areas due this podcast. Each episode is very thought-provoking.

Simple and easy to implement

I have been struggling with ideas to move teachers forward. He speaks so simply and with passion that is allowing me to keep hope that this can be done.

Great Podcast!

This is a great podcast for educators and education leaders. Interesting interviews and many solid take aways in every episode.