July 6, 2021

EduDuct Tape with Jake Miller

EduDuct Tape with Jake Miller

In this episode, Jake Miller, host of the popular Educational Duct Tape Podcast, shares his philosophy on using technology as a tool to enhance learning, prompting educators to think differently about why they should add a new app or digital tool into the classroom. Miller also talks about the impact that social media has had on professional learning for educators this summer as Twitter remains a popular space to find supportive voices, share big ideas and take advantage of "bite-sized learning" opportunities. Finally, Miller shares strategies on how to develop student-paced classrooms that allows kids of all ability levels to use a video playlist to eliminate "one-size-fits-all" instruction in favor of more student choice and personalized learning. Twitter: @JakeMillerTech. Website: JakeMiller.net.

Meet Jake Miller

Jake Miller is an edtech and learning enthusiast who hosts the Educational Duct Tape podcast and shares #EduGIFs at @JakeMillerTech and on JakeMiller.net. The #EduDuctTape Podcast focuses on viewing #edtech as a tool used to meet goals, address learning standards and solve problems in the classroom, much as duct tape is used as a tool that solves a plethora of problems in our lives. In each episode, Jake sits down with a different inspiring guest to share and discuss some awesome ideas for using tech in the classroom! Join us for Educational Duct Tape, every other week on Wednesday! He works as a science teacher for the Orange City School District in Ohio and previously spent 5 years as a technology integration specialist and an additional 12 years in the classroom teaching math, science & STEM at various grade levels. Jake’s favorite job, however, is his full-time position as a husband and father.

About Dr. Greg Goins

As the Founder/Host of the Reimagine Schools Podcast, Dr. Greg Goins has emerged as one of the nation's leading voices on visionary leadership and the path to transforming our schools. He currently serves as the Director of the Educational Leadership Program at Georgetown College (KY) and previously spent 15 years as a school district superintendent in Illinois. Dr. Goins is a passionate keynote speaker and is available to speak at your next education conference or school PD day. To book Dr. Goins, please send inquiries to drgreggoins@gmail.com.  Twitter: @DrGregGoins.

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