Oct. 22, 2019

Depth of Knowledge with Robert Kaplinsky

Depth of Knowledge with Robert Kaplinsky
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In this episode, long-time Mathematics teacher Robert Kaplinsky discuses his new book, Open Middle Math: Problems That Unlock Student Thinking: Grades 6-12, and talks about his passion for Problem-Based Learning and Depth of Knowledge (DOK) that places an emphasis on moving away from superficial questions and answers to identifying various levels of understanding. Kaplinsky also talks about the growth of the #ObserveMe movement that encourages teachers to welcome colleagues into their classroom with "a fresh set of eyes" to help provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. Finally, Kaplinsky encourages listeners to "reimagine" professional development with online offerings from his Grassroots Workshops site that was designed to give teachers control over their own professional learning. Twitter: @robertkaplinsky. Websites: www.robertkaplinsky.com; www.openmiddle.com; www.grassrootsworkshops.com. 

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