July 22, 2021

Creating Modern Classrooms with Kareem Farah

Creating Modern Classrooms with Kareem Farah
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In this episode, former high school Math teacher Kareem Farah talks about how an innovative Blended Learning model that started at Eastern High School in Washington, D.C. has now turned into The Modern Classrooms Project (MCP), a non-profit organization that is leading a movement of educators in implementing a self-paced, mastery-based instructional model that meets the needs of every student.  This three-tiered approach includes Blended Learning principles with teacher-created videos, a self-paced learning environment and a mastery-based grading system that collectively eliminates the traditional one-size-fits-all classroom. Twitter: @KareemFarah23. Website: ModernClassrooms.org.

Meet Kareem Farah

Kareem Farah taught high school math in Hawaii and Washington, DC, for six years. He earned his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis and later received a master’s degree in secondary education at Johns Hopkins University. Farah was awarded the 2018 DC Public Schools Award for Classroom Innovation. Instead of using a traditional lecture model, Farah taught mathematics through a blended model where students accessed content through his self-made videos. The cornerstone of his classroom was the ability for students to work through the content at their own pace and Farah’s ability to employ mastery-based grading to evaluate student learning.

In an effort to scale his classroom model, Farah co-founded a nonprofit, The Modern Classrooms Project. As the CEO of The Modern Classrooms Project, Farah and his team train and support teachers who seek to redesign their classroom to better support the unique needs of their students, particularly in our most underserved communities. 

About Dr. Greg Goins

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