Dec. 31, 2020

Reflecting on 2020 - REP006

Reflecting on 2020 - REP006

Welcome to ReflectED - Episode 6!

Reflecting on 2020 

Let's focus on the positives for the year! While we had so many difficulties and obstacles that were in the way for many of us, we are going to come into 2021 stronger than ever before! 

My Positives

  • Family
  • I'm a Vice Principal now! 
  • Personal Growth and Overall Strength

How will 2020 Impact on Schools?

It’s been a battle, but I think we are going to make it through just fine.
This entire pandemic is going to improve schools going forward. Teachers will continue to rise and improve. What can we learn and improve going forward?


  • My One Word for 2020... GO
    My One Work for 2021... DETERMINED

1. What is one thing you are grateful for in 2020?
2. What is one thing you will be glad to leave behind in 2020?
3. What’s your goal for 2021?
4. What’s going to help you in achieving that goal?

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