March 29, 2021

Going Gradeless w/ Dave Frangiosa - REP012

Going Gradeless w/ Dave Frangiosa - REP012
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In Episode 12 of ReflectEd, AJ has a conversation with author and educator Dave Frangiosa about his new book "Going Gradeless: Shifting the Focus to Student Learning".  Throughout this conversation, Dave talks about what Gradeless means, why the ideas of going gradeless interested him, how all grade levels and content areas can go gradeless, and there's a GIVEAWAY!!! 

Giveaway information - LISTEN to the episode and TWEET at me (@AJBianco) and Dave (@DavidFrangiosa) with one takeaway, comment on the interview, or a question that you still want answered, for a chance at a SIGNED copy of Dave's new book. One winner will be selected at random, and the winner will be announced on Episode 13 of ReflectedEd on April 5th! 

A Conversation with the authors. 

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Check out Dave's Podcast: From Earning to Learning 

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