Nov. 20, 2019

Why Podcast? Dan Kreiness - PPD060

Why Podcast? Dan Kreiness - PPD060

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Welcome to the first in an ongoing series we’re calling “Why Podcast?” In this and future editions, we will be speaking to podcasters in and out of education about their podcasts. We will get into there why and talk about how they podcast.

Our first guest in this series is Dan Kreiness, host of the Leader of Learning Podcast. Our conversation with Dan dives deep into his podcast’s origins and where he believes his podcast is going.

Dan Kreiness is an instructional leader, podcast host, and doctoral candidate who constantly searches for the most effective ways to advance education and produce high student achievement. Dan began his teaching career by spending nearly eight years in the New York City Department of Education as an eighth grade English language arts teacher, academic intervention specialist, and middle-level literacy coach, then spent nearly five years at Derby Middle School in Derby, Connecticut as a reading teacher and instructional coach. He is currently an ELA Instructional Coach in the Norwalk Public School District in Norwalk, Connecticut. Dan holds master’s degrees in adolescent education and educational leadership and is currently a doctoral student in the field of educational leadership. His dissertation, “Transformational Leadership to Inspire Growth Mindset in Classroom Teachers,” will be defended in Spring, 2020. Dan was named to the 2017 class of ASCD Emerging Leaders. He is also a Google Certified Educator, Nearpod PioNear, Flipgrid Ambassador, and Wakelet Ambassador.

What We’re Listening To

AJ: Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast 

Fair Isn’t Always Equal: Rick Wormeli 

In education we talk about the power of differentiated learning, but what about differentiated grading? Rick Wormeli is an expert in differentiated assessments and grades. In this episode Josh and Rick discuss: 

Differentiated Grading, Fair Isn’t Always Equal, Traditional Grading Scale and the impact it has on Learning, The role of Homework, Redos, and Retakes done right, Busting Myths about Differentiated Instruction, and the Impact of a Zero and GPA and the Future of Grading. 

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Chris: Art of Manliness #557 – Grow, Adapt, and Reinvent Yourself Through Ultralearning

  • Many of us want to learn a new skill or master a new area of expertise, either to further or change our career or simply for the sake of personal fulfillment. But going deep in a subject seems like it would take a long time, and even require going back to school, something most of us don’t have the time, money, and desire to do.
  • Scott Young and he’s the author of Ultralearning: Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition and Accelerate Your Career. We begin our conversation with Scott’s successful experiment of doing all the course work for a computer science degree from MIT in less than a year and for free and how this opened Scott up to the idea of “ultralearning.”

Stacey: Embedded – This is Not a Joke – When a student starts down the path towards racist extremism, there’s no set plan for how a school should respond. But teachers and fellow students are often the first to spot the warning signs. So what can they do?

Dan Kreiness: Brian Mendler The Brian Mendler Show -My Worst Student

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