Sept. 1, 2021

Tips & Tricks for First-Year Teachers (Part II) - PPD103

Tips & Tricks for First-Year Teachers (Part II) - PPD103

Another must listen for first-year teachers!

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We continue the conversation to help the new, first-year, teacher. We’re going to share more tips and tricks.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Relationships
  1. with Colleagues
  2. with Admin
  3. with Students
  4. with Parents
  • Relationships with KEY building personnel
  1. Custodians
  2. Secretaries/Administrative Assistants
  3. Site or district technology specialist

Tips & Tricks from Social Media:

  • Ruth Replogle (@ruthreplogle) - Gather good ideas. I listen to podcasts while I'm doing housework at night, and I listen to audiobooks while I walk to and from school.
  • Shea Smith (@EDUlonggame) - Get to know your site or district technology specialist. They can make your life in the classroom much easier!
  • Lisa Dabbs (@itslisadabbs) - 1. Reach out to parents via phone, email or an app and make positive connections with them long before you need to contact them due to an issue with their child. 2. Set up a private digital community on FB or IG where parents can see & share in the day to day activities. 3. Do seek out a mentor that can be that sounding board and guide on the side! This is critical!
  • Kristin Edwards (@kedwards51) - I wish that someone had told me that I should join prof. Organizations and Twitter for support. I also wish that I understood what knowledge I would gain with experience. During your first year, you don’t know what you don’t know…but you will get there in time. 
  • gotLearning (@GrowthOverTime) - #1 All students can learn. #2 Your classroom should be as much like life beyond the classroom as possible. #3 The best classroom management program is a good instructional program.
  • Ryan Gutsch (@BBTtrivia) - 1. Get to know the custodians and office secretaries. They truly run things. 2. Never work during your lunch break. Take that time for yourself.
  • Kathy Iwanicki (@kathyiwanicki) - Listen more...usually there is a reason behind why things are done the way they are.  Sometimes it is for a good reason!

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