April 5, 2023

Self-Care Beyond the Classroom - PPD126

Self-Care Beyond the Classroom - PPD126

How Educators Can Recharge

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In this episode, we explore the concept of self-care and why it is essential for educators. We discuss personal definitions of self-care and share practical tips for incorporating self-care practices into busy schedules. We also examine how practicing self-care affects work as a teacher, benefits students, and can combat the notion that self-care is selfish.

Our guest, Mark Torrie, provides insights on how educators can set boundaries to protect their time and energy, both at work and outside of it, and how schools and districts can prioritize and support educator self-care. We discuss the emotional demands of the profession and share strategies for cultivating emotional resilience and practicing self-compassion.

We delve into the role of mindfulness in promoting self-care for educators and explore best practices for creating policies and programs that prioritize educator well-being. Additionally, we share available resources and support for educator self-care, including national and local organizations and successful self-care programs and initiatives.

We conclude by discussing the long-term benefits of practicing self-care for educators, their students, and the broader community. We highlight the costs of neglecting self-care and the importance of shifting the conversation around self-care from individual well-being to broader societal benefits.


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