March 16, 2022

Rogue Leader: Take Control of Your PD - PPD116

Rogue Leader: Take Control of Your PD - PPD116

Rich Czyz from 4 O'Clock Faculty joins us!

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Rich Czyz has written a new book and he joins Chris and AJ to discuss professional development and how educators can and should take more control over their growth in this profession.

Topics Discussed:

  • Pushing the Pessimist - How do we reach those who are not engaged in their own professional learning?
  • The Professional Development Championship Belt 
  • Working with the Naysayers
  • Staff Meeting Syndrome - Are teachers suffering? How do we fix it? Switching Up Staff Meetings
  • Podcasts and Pedometers
  • Administration support?


What We're Listening To

Chris - Art of Manliness episode #784: The Secrets to Making the Perfect Pizza

Rich - LinkedUp: Breaking Boundaries in Education The Science of Writing for Busy People

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