Sept. 4, 2017

PPD Rewind: Grants and Podcast Gear

PPD Rewind: Grants and Podcast Gear


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We turn back time and pull from the PodcastPD Vault in this 13th episode. In this conversation from June 2015 Stacey, AJ, and I talk about Stacey’s excitement about getting a grant for podcasting gear at the school she worked in at the time and AJ shares his interest in pursuing something similar while I support the conversation with great podcasting gear recommendations.

We also share random ideas for using podcasts in your classroom with students.

Links and Resources

What Are We Listening To (back in 2015)

Stacey: Educational Podcasting Today, hosted by Jeff Bradbury

AJ: 5 Reasons for Starting Your Podcast

Chris: The Audacity to Podcast, hosted by Daniel J. Lewis

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