May 18, 2022

Planning Summer PD - PPD120

Planning Summer PD - PPD120

How will you learn and grow this Summer?

Non-educators typically look at summer vacation as a free time where teachers aren't working and just sitting around. While part of any educator's Summer is undoubtedly used for rest and relaxation time is also used to learn and grow and plan for the next school year.

In the episode, Chris and AJ discuss Summer professional development, some opportunities that are available, and some of their plans for their upcoming break.

Discussion Points:

  • Do good in your piece of the world.
  • Is it acceptable to do nothing during Summer?
  • Summer Conferences - Live/Virtual (TeachMeets, EdCamps)
  • Twitter Chats, Podcasts...Books

Our Personal PD Goals

  • Chris - Freshen up World History Course, Reflection
  • AJ - PBIS, Building Culture, and Climate

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