April 13, 2022

GRIT & Accountability in Education - PPD118

GRIT & Accountability in Education - PPD118

Jake Thompson of Compete Every Day Lifts Up Educators

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Jake Thompson is the founder of Compete Every Day and your Chief Encouragement Officer! A show designed to help driven people build a winning mindset, so they can build their winning life. 

Jake’s goal is to help you be GREAT! Join the Compete Everyday Podcast to help you re-discover a strong mindset as well as find the skills you need to win your career, training, and life. 

Topics Discussed:

What is GRIT and Accountability?

  • Grateful, Reps, Inspire, Tenacity

Be mindful and focus on the PRESENT

Be intentional

Shift your thinking

  • "Have to" vs "Get to"
  • Busy vs Productive

How can Educators fit into the Compete Every Day model and mindset?

  • Classroom Culture - We MUST be a team!
  • Consider how we can support each other and be a team!
  • How are you asking yourself questions?
  • How will you respond?
  • Are you a victim or a victor?

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