Jan. 1, 2018

12 Days of Podcasts: ESPN 30 for 30

12 Days of Podcasts: ESPN 30 for 30

The Lights Of Wrigleyville

Welcome to day 8 of the 12 Days of Podcasts!

Between December 25, 2017, and January 5, 2018, we are recommending one podcast or podcast episode per day! All of our recommendations will encourage you to laugh, think, cry, or do.

Today's recommendation comes from Chris.

Podcast: ESPN 30 for 30

Host: Various

Episode: The Lights Of Wrigleyville

Description: When the Tribune Company bought the Chicago Cubs in 1981, its executives saw nighttime baseball as a way to turn around the club's fortunes. The only problem? Scores of Wrigleyville residents were ready to fight against it. Produced by Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister of Long Haul Productions. Narrated by former Cubs PA announcer Wayne Messmer.

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