Dec. 31, 2017

12 Days of Podcasts: Art of Manliness II

12 Days of Podcasts: Art of Manliness II

How to Finally Beat Procrastination

Welcome to day 7 of the 12 Days of Podcasts!

Between December 25, 2017, and January 5, 2018, we are recommending one podcast or podcast episode per day! All of our recommendations will encourage you to laugh, think, cry, or do.

Today's recommendation comes from AJ.

Podcast: Art of Manliness

Host: Brett McKay

Episode: Episode 356 - How to Finally Beat Procrastination

Description: Procrastination. We’ve all done it and we tell ourselves we’ll never do it again. So we come up with an elaborate time management system to get us on track only to find ourselves continuing to put things off. While some procrastination can be mildly infuriating, chronic procrastination can be financially, professionally, and personally devastating — overdue bills result in calls from collection agencies, late reports result in getting fired, and undone chores turn your house into a dump. 

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