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A guide to teaching in 2023!

In this podcast, Batsheva walks you through how to navigate the unique challenges of being an educator in this day and age. From ever-changing technology to addressing equity in the classroom to guiding students through all the wacky world events, this podcast shows you how to manage it all and have a laugh at the same time!

Refreshing and intriguing

I love the quirky and fun bookends (fauxmercials and game show) in each episode. It's so refreshing to listen to you having fun while also digging into meaningful ways to create change in education. I'm a fan!!!

Great Content!

Overthrowing Education is such an amazing podcast! It covers so many topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and informed!

Golden Nuggets Everywhere

Wow, what an incredible podcast. The truths that are shared are spot on. The guests add a lot of value to the purpose and mission of the podcast. Every educator needs to hear the wisdom you are sharing.

So much to offer

Overthrowing Education not only provides great ideas you can immediately implement, but has a lighthearted faux-mercial and game show. Batsheva has so much to offer!

She is a good teacher currently one of her students good podcast

One of the rare podcasts about edu that can keep me entertained she does a good job finding good content to put out keep up the good work

Just right

This podcast’s balance of lighthearted and substantive captures exactly how I feel about my job as an educator. I can’t wait to keep listening.

Truly Forward Thinking

This show does an amazing job of promoting forward thinking ideas of how schools can adapt to modern society. So many of the teaching methods used are archaic and this podcast does a great job of challenging those models. I enjoy the guests and the conversation. I am a firm believe that all student voices need to be heard.

The show for people who would like to see education reimagined

Great show to see all elements of education and how they could be organized differently to reach better results

Feels local and improtant, totally relevant to teaching

This show keeps it real on teaching, relative, and impactful messages are delivered regularly.


Batsheva Frankel is an excellent interviewer who brings so much creativity and experience to the show. The faux-mercials and 5 minute game show are fantastic, but be warned: you might shout out your guesses in a public place and get weird looks!


Punctuating the grave state of education with a funky edge, this podcast lifts your mood while respecting the urgency of reforming public education. Entertaining and uplifting yet poignant.


Thank you for inspiring me to be a better teacher and parent with each episode.

Love this!

As a former “bad student” I love that there’s a podcast to help teachers connect better with their students. Great show!

Great Ideas

Awesome education podcast! As a former teacher, it’s inspiring to see that there are disrupters out there. Education is a cornerstone to an equitable society and full life.


I really love the ideas discussed. Reminds me some of the unschooling moving. Sean Michael Morris’ ideas about teaching and grading young writers really resonates! Bat Sheva is an inspiring educator. I wish she had been my high school English teacher:) Will listen to all episodes and happily anticipate new ones.

Fun and engaging!

This podcast series on new approaches to education is really fun and engaging. Just like education should be. Each episode keeps getting better. The host doesn’t just interview her innovative guests, she interacts and offers her vast experience which really enhances the discussions. The topics are interesting at a conceptual level, but the host always challenges the guest to provide practical and relatable specific ways to implement the ideas. I love the “sponsored commercials” and game show included in each episode. I have a long commute to work, and Overthrowing Education makes the time fly by. I wish my teachers tried these concepts when I was in school. Can’t wait until the next episode!

Enjoying learning about learning!

Loving your podcast! It’s breezy, fun and engaging! i'm enjoying listening and learning :)

Fun and Informative

Such a fun and informative podcast! Really enjoy learning about innovative and creative educational ideas and perspectives.


Very informative but you gotta listen to the commercials. Hilarious!


Overthrowing Education is exactly what we need in 2019 - a podcast that questions the fundamentals of the educational decisions we've been making for decades as a society. It's well structured, engaging and playful. Nicely done!