The Areté Institute presents an edgy and entertaining educational podcast for teachers, students, parents, administrators and anyone else who cares about the state of education. While it is playful and fun, we also address the revolutionary changes that are happening and need to happen to create more meaningful and engaging education. We’ll celebrate students, educators, and schools who are getting it right and give tools and guidance for inspiring everyone else. Each episode starts with a fauxmercial - a commercial parody for fake educational products we wish were real. And every interview ends with the guest playing The 5-Minute Game Show which is written specifically for the topic and guest of each episode. Who knew that revolutionizing schools could be so fun?

About the Host

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Batsheva Frankel

Batsheva Frankel, MAT, is the producer and host of the podcast Overthrowing Education, and a veteran educator of over 25 years. As an educational consultant with her company New Lens Ed., she gives workshops, courses, coaching, and consulting in person and online, as well as designs curricula for educators at universities, conferences, schools, and other organizations internationally. Batsheva has turned her popular Lenses of Questioning workshops into an online course, now available at NewLensEd.com. In 2017, Behrman House published her book, The Jewish Educator’s Companion.