July 10, 2021

Episode 77: Unlock The Middle

Episode 77: Unlock The Middle

Join host Alfonso Mendoza in a conversation with Massachusetts principals and podcast hosts of Unlock the Middle, Dean Packard, and Chris Starczewski.   We will be talking about their current role as principals and how they work to build a culture of excellence in their schools.


1.  What are some ways that you connect with your school community? (Fostering Effective Relationships) 

2. What are some areas of teaching and learning that you can lead in the school? (Instructional Leadership)

3.  What are you hoping teaching and learning look like in your school, and how do you communicate that vision? (Embodying Visionary Leadership)

4. How do you build leadership in your school? (Developing Leadership Capacity)

5. What will be your “fingerprints” on this building after you leave? (Creating Sustainable Change)