June 28, 2022

Episode 126: Get Connected! Connecting Learning To The Real World

Episode 126: Get Connected! Connecting Learning To The Real World

Zach Rondot is a passionate fourth-grade teacher in Troy, Michigan. His mission is to teach students the 21st-century skills, mindsets, and attributes that will help them succeed long after they leave his classroom.  In 2019, Zach was named the Troy School District Elementary Teacher of the Year and the Oakland County Elementary Teacher of the Year.  Zach is an instructor in the Master’s program of Learning, Design, and Technology at Central Michigan University. He utilizes technology to create learning opportunities that otherwise would not be possible.   Grayson McKinney is a fifth-grade teacher from Michigan and a leader in the area of innovative teaching and learning. He has worked with learners at all levels of school from K-6 as a teacher, technology facilitator, and program administrator. He is a student podcaster, educational writer, and speaker on the topic of 21st-century student learning and engagement. 

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