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Leading and Learning

Dr. Kreiness has such a clear and relaxed presence in this podcast. His guests always push my thinking. Dan seems to always ask just the right question at the right time to drive awesome conversations that make an impact on today’s educators!

Worth your time as an educator

I am a teacher & my time is precious. I made a personal commitment to my own self care this year (2021- and on) as the toll of teaching this year has been significant. This podcast is worth a listen. Dan Kreiness is a coach in our district and was my instructional coach for a year. He helped me through a very tough year so I am personally grateful for his time & encouragement.

Helping Educators Be Leaders

Every single educator is a leader, yet where do they learn leadership skills? Dan's amazing podcast fills this void. His topics are not only insightful, but his guests provide practical skills to help educators be better leaders. He realizes that educators are role models for not only their students, but their peers and their community. And since leadership is multifaceted, the variety of guests touch on a broad array of subjects that help build leadership skills. A must listen!

Dan K

Very down to earth. No frills. Professional, sincere, obviously very dedicated.

Taking the Lead

Leader of Learning podcast will be a good listen no matter what episode you decide to listen to you will not go wrong. Professionally produced and engaging listen when looking for innovative ideas in education and student learning.

Great guests. Great host. Subscribe now!

Top notch show. Great guests on every episode, and Dan does such a wonderful job atleading thoughtful, value-packed conversations.

Dan is a great host!

Dan shares his honest thoughts on education. I love the honesty and sincerity.

Dan is the man!

Had the pleasure of connecting with Dan this summer at ISTE, and now that I have had the priveledge of listening to his work, I can say that he delivers an impactful-top-notch podcast!

Sarah Johnson

Very much one of my favorite podcasts to listen to with its content and awesome host with solid guests. Great format, easy listen, and I always take something away!

Great Podcast on Learning!

You should subscribe to this podcast because Dan interviews people who have all sorts of ideas to share regarding how they have helped develop themselves or others as leaders in education. We all can be leaders of learning!

Great Leadership Podcast

Dan is doing some excellent work with this podcast and it should be a auto-subscribe for anyone in or aspiring to be in leadership. But I also love the fact that he points out you don’t have to have a title to be in leadership, just do it. The guests have been great and I can’t wait to see who he brings on the show next. Keep up the great work Dan and I’ll keep on recommending the show to others! Derek Larson @lars3eb


I love that this podcast tackles some tough and important subjects while also providing a great look at being a leader in education.

Straight Dope

I don't listen to a lot of education podcasts, but I do listen to the Leader of Learning. Dan has on interesting educators with fresh takes on what's happening within public education. This podcast is one to look out for.

Love leader of learning

I am a new “podcaster” and I’m loving listening to Dan and all of his fabulous episodes. I listen to them on the way to work and they really help me get started and pumped for the day. I’m also really impressed with the leaders he has on his show! Great resource for any level level!

Fun, Fast, and inFormative

Dan has a great voice and talent for podcasting. The conversations are free flowing, interesting, and well put together. Keep up the great work in 2018!

Resources that Inform All Professions

Dan Kreiness's podcast, Leader of Learning, offers resources that inform all professions, not just education. From Dr. Will to Mark Crowley, Val Lewis to Matt Miller, Dan and his guests raise thought provoking ideas and discuss meaningful solutions to issues that individuals may face as they work towards success. As an educator, these 30 minute podcasts give me hope and remind me of the power of sharing pedagogical and leadership best practices. But as I discuss the podcasts with my sister and my friends, who are not in education, we have come to harness the ideas that transcend the educational space, which allows us to celebrate the leader in all of us.

Great Podcast

Dan I love what you are doing. The topics are perfect for educators who are currently leaders in their buildings/districts as well as for those who want to take on more of a leadership role. I love that the podcast episodes come in at under 30 minutes so it is easy to find time to listen. Keep doing what you are doing!

Great podcast

This is a great podcast. Each episode features a guest that is a leader of learning in some capacity. The topics are short and sweet but cover so much ground. A must listen for any school leader or teacher leader.