Jan. 11, 2022

37 | Glen Irvin: K12 v. HigherEd & Nearpod

37 | Glen Irvin: K12 v. HigherEd & Nearpod

Episode 2 of Season 2 brings us an exhilarating conversation with our good friend and colleague, Glen Irvin. Glen is a bigger nerd than us only because he's been doing it a bit longer. Our conversation focuses on the relationship between EdTech in K12 and Higher Ed. Glen's insights help us see what's so different on the K12 side, but ultimately how most of us operate on the same rules of EdTech integration. Lastly, Glen gives us his top tech tool, and you know it's one of the HiTech team's favorites: Nearpod. For more information on these tools and our conversation, check out the episode page here.

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