April 19, 2023

239- Being a Multi Passionate Music Educator with Melody Jenkins

239- Being a Multi Passionate Music Educator with Melody Jenkins

You might be passionate about both teaching and something else. Maybe you love inspiring your students and teaching them in new and exciting ways while also pursuing passions outside of teaching. If this is you, then you don't want to miss this conversation I had with the amazing Melody Jenkins.

Melody Jenkins is currently in her third year teaching elementary general music. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Instrumental Music Education and initially wanted to be a band director, but fell in love with teaching elementary during her student teaching. She is also known as "The Chromatic Music Teacher" on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, creating covers of popular songs using Boomwhackers and sharing stories from being an elementary music teacher. Melody loves being able to share her love of music not only with her students, but also with the world through social media. 

Connect with Melody here: 

  1. TikTok: @thechromaticmusicteacher
  2. Instagram: @thechromaticmusicteacher
  3. YouTube: The Chromatic Music Teacher
  4. Website: www.thechromaticmusicteacher.com

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