Aug. 24, 2022

215- Songwriting and Children's Books in the Music Room with Dennis Mathew

215- Songwriting and Children's Books in the Music Room with Dennis Mathew

Sometimes, it can get frustrating not being able to find the songs you're wanting to use in your music room. But, you've probably written some songs and have just stored them away somewhere for safe keeping. I'm so excited for you to listen to this inspiring interview with Dennis Mathew, who not only writes children's songs and books, but created them out of the ideas he had from years before. Throughout our conversation, we talk about YOU can use your own creativity to write songs that your students need. Not only that, you'll hear about Dennis's work and the ways you can use stories in your music room as well.

Dennis is an elementary school speech pathologist based out of the Oklahoma City area. He just finished his 15th year in public education.

In 2019 Dennis also ventured out into the kid lit space and fortunately has been able to connect with 100's of schools over the last three years. Since 2019, between his three titles, Dennis has been able to distribute around 45,000 books to over 200+ schools nationwide and present his books and music to over 100,000+ students in person and virtually. 

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