July 20, 2022

212: Bite Sized PD: Staying Organized

212: Bite Sized PD: Staying Organized

In this bite sized PD, we'll talk about staying organized both at home and work.   

We'll talk about: 

  • ways to stay organized
  • action steps to take
  • the exact systems that work for me  

The resources mentioned this week include:  

1. https://www.thedomesticmusician.com/organization-tips-to-balance-your-work-and-life/

2. https://www.thedomesticmusician.com/the-music-teachers-back-to-school-checklist/

3. The Harmony membership   

Harmony helps you tremendously with staying organized at home and at work by providing a success path to follow where you identify what you need whether it’s beating stress, simplifying lesson planning, classroom management and transitions in the music room, or adding in technology into your lessons.  

You’ll start in the start here section and will be guided on where to go and what to do next so it’s not a big guessing game.  There are teaching topics where you can identify what you need, like classroom management for example, and be taken to the exact videos, guides, and resources in harmony to help you.  

Oh yeah, and the videos have minute markers so you can go directly to the section you need to watch.  To also help you stay organized, each lesson plan pack for the entire school year is editable and contains a section all about organization, so it takes the guess work out of it.  

There are planning resources to help you when you sit down to plan, checklists for back to school and for using the harmony resources, and so much more amazingness you will see once you become a member.  

Find out more and join us at harmonymembership.teachable.com/p/harmonyhub