May 4, 2022

201- Musical Play in the Music Room with Tina Arenas

201- Musical Play in the Music Room with Tina Arenas

We're creative people, and in fact, we were created to be creative. Part of reaching into that creativity is by using musical play. There are two different types of musical play, behavioral and then playful type of play. Students need to experience play that allows them to learn, find joy, and reveal new parts of themselves they've never been able to experience before. 

In this episode with Tina Arenas, you’ll learn:

  • What musical play is
  • Different ways students can use their bodies to make music
  • How to make books playful and musical
  • Vocal exploration ideas

Tina teaches early childhood music and movement and serves as team leader for the elementary art, music, library, and PE team at the American School of Dubai, UAE. Prior to teaching abroad, she taught K-5 elementary general music and after-school musical ensembles in public schools in Plano and Denton, Texas. While in Denton, she was recognized as a campus Teacher of Year in 2011. Tina received her Master of Arts in Music Education from the University of St. Thomas and has completed both Kodály and Orff-Schulwerk levels courses, in addition to movement masterclasses. 

She has presented workshops for teachers at international, national, and state music conferences and has served as a board member and teacher representative at the national, state, and district levels. Tina has also served as a cooperating teacher for student teachers and as an invited guest lecturer and artist-in-residence for universities. With over 20 years of classroom experience, Tina has developed a passion for making play a priority in teaching and learning. Her mission is to create an environment where children feel valued and developing community relationships is central to our well-being.

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