April 6, 2022

197- Bringing Popular Music into the Music Classroom

197- Bringing Popular Music into the Music Classroom

On a day you played one of your classes favorite songs, did you see their faces light up with excitement? Have you ever stopped to think about why? Some kids don’t associate the music they learn in school with what they listen to outside of school. There’s “music class music” and “other types of music” according to some of your students. Honestly, I didn’t try to bring popular music into my classroom for the first couple of years because I wasn’t ever told this is something I could do. In all my years of college prep and student teaching, no one ever talked about actually using music your students connect with.

Maybe you can relate to this. You know your students will respond to popular music, but you’re just not sure how to do that.  If so, this podcast episode will help you to get started. You can also read the blog post that goes along with this episode right here.

The Beyonce YouTube video mentioned in the episode can be seen here.

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