Dec. 14, 2021

Voice and Choice in EdTech - E072

Voice and Choice in EdTech - E072

This week, we are discussing how to incorporate voice and choice in EdTech in our classrooms and how to avoid the silo. We'll get into voice and choice of EdTech tools for both teachers AND students as well as share some ideas around collaborating with colleagues to learn new EdTech tools.

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  • Feedback from Frank Ferraiuolo, Assistive Technology TOSA on E069 - Alternative Approaches to Professional Learning
    • Job-embedded PD within the teaching day
    • What's good for one is good for all - assistive tech is beneficial for all students
    • Coaches can help!
  • Chris Nesi - House of EdTech Podcast
  • We're taking a break and we'll be back with a new episode on Jan 4th, 2022!
  • Tech is changing all the time - avoid the silo and keep your options open
  • Learning about new options:
    • Collaboration and sharing via PLCs
    • Communication around student privacy and usage
    • Consider a blended learning team
    • Teacher-created and teacher-led PD (unconference format)
    • Curate tech tools, host learning & create mini-courses via your school library
    • Collaborative database (create via Google Data Studio using Forms & Sheets)
  • Student Choice in EdTech:
    • Suggest tools but also be open to other tools suggested by students
    • Check out E067 for screencasting tool suggestions
    • Keep in mind, students might be using different browsers
    • Use a choice board 
    • Keep choices to a minimum. Avoid the overwhelm!
    • Conferencing with students about choices (mastery-based learning)
  • When selecting tools, think about the goal first!
  • Possible presentation tools: Google Slides,, Prezi, Canva and many, many more
  • Curation of EdTech tools (software catalogues): 
    • Should be done based on goal and not by tool (think choose your own adventure) to find your options more easily
    • Would reduce overwhelm
  • Possible Whiteboard tools: Google Jamboard, Microsoft Whiteboard,,, Explain Everything and many more
  • Perhaps try rotating through 2-3 different tools within each category
  • Possible Gamification tools: Kahoot!, Blooket, Quizizz, Quizlet Live, Gimkit (Free plan is now better!)
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