July 5, 2022

Our Why and What Brings Us Joy in Education - E094

Our Why and What Brings Us Joy in Education - E094

This week, we are chatting all about our why and what brings us joy in education. We'll reflect on our educational journeys and talk about how we've made decisions that have impacted our career pathways. Reminding ourselves of where we find joy is one way that we are preparing ourselves for new challenges in the next school year.

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Things that bring us joy:

  • Students, relationships, and the classroom
  • Focusing on joy can help you make career decisions
  • Reality testing your assumptions - try ooching (from the book Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath)
  • Staffing process, timetabling - a big, fun logic puzzle
  • Problem-solving, collaborating, and socializing with colleagues
  • Being part of a larger school community
  • Learning - teaching is a challenge, how can I improve? M.Ed., other courses, reading
  • Sharing our learning - presenting at conferences or staff meetings, podcasting, running PD
  • School breaks especially summer - getting outside into nature, not working, spending quality time with family and friends
  • Opportunities such as 3 over 4 - apply to work for 3 years with a year off (pay is spread out over the 4 years)
  • System-level roles help to understand how decisions are made for the board
  • School events - commencement, prom, grade 9 nights, etc.
  • Being a part of a student's journey and growth over the high school years
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