Jan. 4, 2022

Our Goals For The New Year - E073

Our Goals For The New Year - E073

This week, we are sharing our reflections and our goals for the new year. We'll go over both personal and professional goal setting as well as our personal reflections on the past year.

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  • Reflections:
    • "Quite the year"
    • Work-life balance is better when teaching virtually
    • A LOT has happened this past year
    • Coaching/relationship building is better in person
    • Connections are richer with staff and students this school year
    • Work-life balance in person has been challenging
    • Accessibility may be key to balance - social vs personal space
    • Introverts - being in person is draining even though we do enjoy being social
    • Relationships and building empathy are important and changes your approach and outlook
    • Pandemic has highlighted so many issues in education and pushed our learning
    • Our approach to teaching has changed drastically - ungrading, self-pacing, mastery-based grading
    • Recognize that both teachers and students have experienced trauma
  • Work Goals:
    • Work-life balance
    • Implementing a skills-based, mastery-based classroom or PD
    • Leadership skills - emotions vs growing a thicker skin
    • Meditation using Headspace
  • Personal Goals:
    • Focusing on our own learning - courses, music, coding, secret courses :)
    • Taking weekends off! Boredom is great for creativity and embrace the shutdown
    • Spend time with family - play, camping
  • EduGals Goals:
    • Continue the slow growth - 100th episode coming up!
    • Sharing more via blog, webinars, conferences, articles, with colleagues
    • Follow through with blogging - go for done, not perfect!
    • Self-promotion via social media, buy us a coffee page
    • Continue talking about our "creative non-compliance" 
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